1. Don't pinch the servers ... they pinch back!
  2. Don't leave your keys with our valet ... we don't have a valet!
  3. No dancing on the tables ... no matter how much you love this place!
  4. We're happy to share our recipes ... but then we'll have to kill ya or sell you a franchise!
  5. You are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy ... so have a fabulous time while you are here!
  6. Some of our food is SPICY - Ask your server! We don't want to eat it cause you can't.
  7. Don't ask Manny  for directions .. he'll get you lost!
  8. If you are polite, we're polite ... if you are RUDE, we'll politely ask you to leave!
  9. All Margaritas are served w/ a salted rim ... tell us before we rim it with salt!
  10. Relax and enjoy yourself ... you're at the BEACH!