Loco Since 2001

Linda W. - General Manager

She never thought she'd survive that first day, Memorial Day 2001 let alone over 14 years and opening of TWO Restaurants! Joe told her…She'll be ok, and it is! Loves the Friends she works with and the customers who became Family. Loves her beans & guacamole, especially on her uniform!

Loco Since 2001

Joe - Host

Creative table planner and Front House Guy. Find him floating around the restaurant making sure everything is to your standards. Keeping the servers and kitchen running as smooth as possible. Always concerned for you the customer. When Joe is Happy everyone is Happy. Co-owner of Dos Locos

Loco Since 2001

Darryl - Bartender

Master Margarita Mixologist . He is the mastermind of our Margaritas & Sangria creations, besides hand-making upwards of 20 gallons of Margaritas in the summer and 10 per day rest of the year! Seasonal Flavors range from Strawberry to Pomegranate, Pumpkin to Caramel Apple, Candy Cane to Peppermint Patty and The American Patriot. Beautiful person great smile! Our Cutie Pa Tuti!

Loco Since 2004

Gino - Bartender

Greeting you with a smile and having your full attention while keeping you in touch with all the game info and latest news. Try one of his Martini Creations. You're sure to enjoy!

Loco Since 2005


He is one of the guys that is making your favorite quesadillas, tacos and helping the Chefs make your order right.

Loco Since 2007


Carlos easy going always trying to satisfy his customer. He thinks like Joe, but is easy-going like Darryl. Any given shift-you'll find Carlos either behind the bar...waiting tables or sitting you at a loco table! Watch for him during karaoke or football... he is totally LOCO!

Loco Since 2007


Our fast and furious Dallas fan-loves working at Dos and JD's Filling Station serving her customers.

Loco Since 2007


Saute your favorite fajitas-tuna tacos and seafood senor.

Loco Since 2007


Started out as a dishwasher then went to prep..training on the saute line..He's the guy who garnishes your desserts and prepares your Stonegrill Entrees. You'll find him always groving to the moves during Karaoke while he makes your favorite late night snacks!

Loco Since 2007


Serving dinner with his accent. He is smooth as ice when it comes to serving his customers. Most professional!

Loco Since 2007


Andrew's dry sense of humor keeps him COOL and appears to be RELAXED!!!! Loves serving his customers in the Loco Lounge. Host Thursday-so call him to make your weekend reservations!

Loco Since 2008


Former expo and now server-his knowledge from the kitchen Helps make sure all the food is plated correctly and your order is picture perfect. Days you'll find Bayron as part of the production staff.

Loco Since 2008


Danny-you'll see him day and night assisting Jose on production and preparing your favorite meals.

Loco Since 2009


In Memory of our dearly departed Wayne. He passed away Feb. 17th, 2015 after a lengthy illness. He touched many lives and many lives touched him! He was such a Major part of Dos Locos-he is SO MISSED!!!


Loco Since 2010


aka Our Pina Colada (his shift drink) He's the guy that is in between the Chef & Server-making sure your plates look great...is what is ordered and all trayed up for the servers to serve!

Loco Since 2010

Alex (Sasha) Host-Server-Manager

Alex or Sasha-whether he is hosting with Joe in the front or serving your favorite cocktails and entrees, Alex is always trying to please all of his customers. Easy-going and fun guy. You'll see him Dos Locos at Night and day host shifts.

Loco Since 2010


Smiling Eddie-see him mixin your favorite beverages and cocktails for the tables and bar. He floats between the bar and serving in the dining room. He's the man for Karaoke on Monday Nights!

Loco Since 2011

Victor-Dishwashing and Culinary

Always making sure the dishes and utensils are the cleanest-not to mention he is always one happy guy!

Loco Since 2011


Martin-day grill chef...grilling your steaks and seafood just the way you like them

Loco Since 2012

Manny-Server and Bartender

Cool and collective! Smooth as tequila! Manny often times you find him in the Loco Lounge or behind the bar. Loves Karaoke

Loco Since 2012


Ruben brings to us his vast Culinary knowledge as watching his Mom cook up all kinds of wonderful Mexican dishes at home! He has a knack to combine herbs and spices to make your meals as pleasant as possible.

Loco Since 2012


The man behind the scenes. He's the guy who helps make your meal exactly what you wanted and how its to be prepared. Been a Loco fan for many years!